too often we have the tendency to complicate things, but when we bear down to the basics

and keep things simple,

we achieve a sense of openness within and accomplish

what seems impossible


the mere act of taking

a breath takes us

into the moment,

living in the now.

it is very easy

to lose sight of that awareness

when one gets caught up

in the distractions of

what goes on

in the daily bustles of life


unconditional love

is the essence of

pure bliss and happiness


the act of pursuing

to express

one’s artistic passion in

whatever medium is an incomparable motivation which I support wholeheartedly


striving to maintain

a balance

in all aspects

is key

to continued success

and happiness

I believe WE are all artists given this gift of life,

here to experience, learn, and grow together.

I understand the overwhelming

challenges of managing one’s self and

finding your life’s purpose and taking action.

I pride myself on being an organized

business professional, as well as

a kid at heart who will never stop playing

and enjoy the wonders of life. 

I believe WE can all be masters

in the art of living.

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Early in my career, I got lost in an industry and environment I was not passionate about.  It led me to a personal, unconscious low point in life – emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially.  I needed to make a change and find myself.  I moved from Vancouver to Kelowna in 2005 and started a journey of self-discovery.

In 2011, I took my personal life experience and twenty years of skills in administration and management consulting and combined it with my love for business, music, and appreciation for artists’ and entrepreneurs’ passion and shifted my management service company’s focus on Artist & Talent Management.

Initially supporting my talented friend Tyler aka Stickybuds (DJ/Producer), my intention was to build a consulting and management support system for him and other dedicated and passionate artists in which they can achieve success and balance in both their professional and personal life.

Since then, I have been blessed to have directly worked with other DJ/Producers: JPODTimothy WisdomSlynkFeaturecastFort Knox FiveK+LabJFBQdupNick ThayerBasement FreaksD-FunkPimpsoulMr. Bill and Wood ‘n Soo – who have all taught me so much along the way.

I provide professional, personable, simplified management services, and have booked events and tours worldwide.  Meanwhile, it is with great importance to me to instill and create an environment that we live a mindful life in order to master the art of living.

Nine years into this journey, it is with great pleasure seeing the growth and accomplishments of our artists, both in their personal lives and artistic careers.

I am honoured and proud to help develop our artists instilling the foundation of professional integrity and mindfulness of enjoying life’s great journey.

We are grateful to travel the world, reach personal milestones,  do what we love for a living. 

Moving forward, I look forward to continuing to find ways I can be a better resource and support.

I am excited to extend my reach of clients in consulting artists and entrepreneurs who are looking for extra guidance and experience.

~ Tomas (MAY 2020)


"Tomas and I have worked together for the last 10 years. He helped me grow from an unorganized and overwhelmed young man, into an award-winning, prominent artist that tours the world. His passion, virility, and keen business sense allowed me to focus on the parts of my art that I excel at (music), while he took care of all the tasks that I don't (bookings, accounting, travel, goal setting). Every promoter and person who dealt with Tomas on my behalf was consistently impressed with his fair and professional approach to management, I never grew tired of hearing his praise. I trust Tomas with my life, and would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone looking to upgrade their current work environment. 


He is truly one of the finest people I have ever met, worked with or had the pleasure of calling a friend. 

TYLER | STICKYBUDS - DJ/Music Producer


"Best Agent/Manager ever!"

JEAN-MARC | JFB - DJ/Music Producer


"My name is Tor Sjogren and I produce electronic music under the name Tor.

I've known Tomas for the past 5 years through the music industry and was recently able to retain his help with consulting, life coaching, goal setting, systems, and best practices for running my music business during the rollout of my new album. With his help, the album and singles have gone on to amass over 6 million streams and have had press in LA Weekly, Dancing Astronaut, DJ Mag with support from BBC Radio 1, Sirius XM, and NPR. Tomas is a joy to work with and his professionalism, insight, kindness, and dedication to his craft immensely benefits the BC Music Industry and Internationally."

TOR - DJ/Music Producer
Juno Award Winner - Electronic Music Album of the Year 2022